09.12.10: dinner (roasted pork shoulder with polenta)


Roasted Pork Shoulder with Polenta and Leeks


What’s the only thing left to do after an amazing dinner fueled by a bountiful trip to the Union Square Green Market? Take it up a notch. Find a giant piece of pork, turn on the oven and don’t look back.

One of these day’s I’m going to do a shoulder the right way. By that I mean 250 F for like 12 hours. I knocked this guy out in around 4-5 at 300, having gotten the internal temp up to about 175 F.  I mention this not for food safety sake, but because I’ve been reading and some folks say the real magic doesn’t happen in the pork until around 190 or so.  That’s pretty high and, as I said, some day I’ll devote the time and thermal energy needed to weigh in on the matter. The pork was still great, but the word transcendent does not apply… at least not yet. The skin did get very crispy this time and made for some unbelievable cracklins.

I’m bad about leftovers (I eat all the EVERYTHING) but even I couldn’t polish this sucker off with a massive dinner feeding and a leftover-centered lunch. I had deliciousness for days following, even enough for a pork BBQ-style sandwich one night when the Mrs was working late the following Thursday. Some shredded pork, topped with a little reduced balsamic and mustard for sauce, a few pickle slices and some nice red cabbage slaw on a hard role. That’s all you need. Fear not the massive cuts, friends. Fortune favors the bold. Until next time, cook on!

  1. Annah said:

    Either I’m the biggest fat ass to walk this planet or… I’m the biggest fat ass to walk this planet.

    I just had lunch an hour ago and when I saw that picture, my mouth turned to instant drool. YUMMMMM-eeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Kim said:


    I love that you’re a rock star in the kitchen, and cook for your wife. 🙂 Two gold stars for you.

    The pork dinner looks delicious. I myself haven’t done the “cook forever at 250F” thing in awhile. I’m just not patient enough!


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