Images (not from) New York, day two in London edition

View from the Thames, including St. Paul's Cathedral

The weather in London is incredibly erratic: what started out as a grey morning turned into a soaking mess by the time we were around Picadilly Circus, and since my flip-flops had no tread whatsoever, I was slipping around on the smooth slate sidewalks…everywhere. Eventually I found a pair of cute, cheap espadrilles at an Urban Outfitters outpost that would prevent me from falling on my face, but by then the rain had cleared and we were treated to a day of dynamic clouds that should have opened over us, but somehow we avoided them for the rest of the day.

The photos below are the real “touristy” ones from our long walk that took us Bloomsbury Street to the British Museum to the Thames, past the inspiration for Orwell’s The Ministry of Love, pausing in Trafalgar Square and getting a glimpse at Buckingham Palace, into the Tate for a quick minute, and across Tower Bridge to check out the Tower of London. With C guiding us, though, we didn’t feel like tourists (save for my manic photography) because there were few lines we stood in and instead, we took it in the way someone who lives there does: drinking in the sights but not feeling compelled to visit every last place.

It makes me want to go back there so badly–you better believe I am tracking airfare rates through

Meanwhile, enjoy the slide show!

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  1. Great photos !!! I’ve been to London several times and I never get tired !!!! Your Spanish tapas saga has left me completely hungry, and I’m checking for the next discount flight to San Sebastian…As grand-daughter of Sapniards “el pulpo a la gallega” is something very close to Heaven for my “earthy” tummy !! You must try it !!
    And I just wanted to add that I’ve enjoyed really ALL the NY museums..I think I’ve been to all of them, but my daughter “complains” about her more-than-enough share of European museums..However, she enjoyed museums in Washington! Who understands teenagers??!!

    Thanks for all your comments and support and enjoy the pizzas on Sunday !!!!
    A huge hug, Cristina

  2. You’re making me miss it! Even the crummy weather. I love that city.

  3. great photos! I’ve never made it to London and am dying to go! Boring or not, I looooove a great plate of fish and chips!

  4. Joyti said:

    Oo, London…what fun! The photographs are lovely 🙂

  5. All the pictures make me homesick. You took some great shots, thanks for sharing.

  6. Followed you here from your comment at TKW… makes me miss both New York AND London. Next trip to London I highly recommend Islington—much interesting food along Upper Street. Nice to meet you in the virtual world.

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