11.07.10: dinner (spaghetti and roasted peppers FTW…almost).


Spaghetti with Red and Yellow Peppers

Michael likes to rile me up any way he can (and I respond in kind by calling him Wrong-Way-M60 because last winter he hopped off the train and got on a M60 that took him to LaGuardia instead of home), and one of his more recent tactics to stir up my (completely not-serious) ire is to talk about how bread/pasta=poison. I’m not exactly sure where he got on this particular tangent, but as we were walking towards the A on Saturday I started quoting one of my favorite infomercials ever, nevermind that that it’s not real. It gets the “difficulty in using everyday products” scenes perfectly.


And, of course, there is this amazing bit:

Tracy: [doing commercial] Bread is one of the worst things in the world, but we’ve already needed it–until now. By burning three different types of meat together, the Tracy Jordan Meat Machine takes bread out of equation. Now you’re sandwich is all of the good stuff.  [takes bite] That’s delicious!
Dr. Spaceman: And it’s healthy. Hi, I’m Dr. Leo Spaceman. I’m a working physician with a degree from the Ho Chi Minh School of Medicine.
Tracy: Dr. Spaceman, is it true that bread eats away at your brain?
Dr. Spaceman: We have no way of knowing, because the powerful bread lobby keeps stopping my research!
Tracy: Well folks, bread will never maybe attack your brain again. Because, say it with me, “Meat is the new bread!”

It’s a little scary how we can quote this show at any occasion, especially the first season, but I love to cook while having this show on in the background. I feel like Liz Lemon would approve of the food being made–the more indulgent, the better. While I couldn’t see her making this pasta dish herself, I could easily see her tucking into it because it’s that good.This is one that I’ve been dying to try for a while now. It comes from Giada DeLaurentiis’ Everyday Pasta, a must-own book if you are a fan of pasta and of Everyday Italian from back in the day because it’s creative, focuses on fresh flavors yet everything is relatively easy to make on your own. As promised in her leading notes, the peppers do melt with the pasta and the sauce because they are both roasted and then simmered in chicken broth and white wine for a good twenty-plus minutes, and the mild shallots add flavor without overwhelming the peppers.

But something…wasn’t quite right about it. I’m pretty sure it was the chicken broth. I couldn’t help but think that the chicken broth (and I used the fat-free, reduced sodium broth as suggested) was too much and overwhelmed the delicate peppers  and white wine. It actually tasted a lot better as leftovers–perhaps time mellows out that chickeny flavor, so instead of eating chicken and peppers, I felt like I was eating a cohesive sauce.

Maybe you should try the recipe for yourself; I know I want to give it another try and play with the broth-to-wine ratio. Hunch: I think a little more wine is needed, or maybe some red wine instead of white.

  1. Tracy said:

    I would just sub out the chicken broth with good old pasta water myself.

    • I think you’re onto something there–it definitely could use some work.

  2. Tes said:

    Spaghetti is always sold out in my home. This looks super yummy 🙂

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