Images from New York, Grand Central is amazing edition.


Rush hour.


Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these, no? Much of that is due to the fact that we’ve been sticking to the familiar and I haven’t been bringing my camera out as often, but I realized as I was getting ready to go out this afternoon that I hadn’t taken any proper pictures of Grand Central since we moved here. Granted, I don’t spend much time in the station because my normal stop is the far-less-glamorous Harlem-125th Street unless I’m meeting people downtown or I happen to fall asleep and miss my stop. In all fairness, the latter has only happened one time.

Hudson Line seems to be in order.




The Oyster Bar - Grand Central Terminal

Regardless, I seldom have the opportunity to stand to the side and appreciate the gorgeousness of GCT, and this came to mind a few weeks ago when my parents came for a visit and we spent a good hour exploring all of the different halls of the station for my dad’s benefit (as he is a big train geek). So after an afternoon of shopping and errands in SoHo last Wednesday (which was kind of a mistake, as only Broadway was fully-cleared of the snow and the hapless tourists were all plodding along in large groups, but the stores I stopped into were all quiet and peaceful, so I can’t really complain) I met Michael at Grand Central at the Oyster Bar for a Roger Sterling special: namely, martinis and oysters.





A shell containing a slippery taste of heaven, aka the sea.

We restrained ourselves to one drink each and six oysters a piece…and they tasted like heaven, if you consider the ocean to be heaven: delicate, slightly briny but never smelling overly fishy. A little cocktail sauce and lemon were all that was needed to elevate those beauties on their bed of ice.



Times Square melee

We like to complain that there are no good places to go in Midtown, and while that is generally the case, the Oyster Bar is a gem, a pricey one naturally, but I think that it was for us a splash in the ocean in the dead of winter: refreshing, invigorating and delightful; it even made the walk from Grand Central to Times Square to catch the 1 uptown to get some dinner that much more relaxing, mobs of shoppers and tourists notwithstanding.


Bottom line: if you’re craving shellfish and are in Manhattan and don’t mind the smell of train after leaving an excellent eating experience, go there. You won’t be disappointed.

  1. Jamie said:

    Grand Central is so amazing. I used to come into NY every weekend during college and I never didn’t smile at the station. Though I’ve never been to the Oyster Bar. Embarrassing confession time; I’ve never actually had oysters!

    • I never would have had them either, but they ordered them at a company thing years ago and they were so good and so precious that we HAD to have them again–and where better than the Oyster Bar?

  2. One of the amazing ‘must-see” of NYC. I was there with my daughter but I didnt see the oyster bar !!!
    What I loved was that I asked a passer by to take me a photo with my daughter, saying “Can you take us a picture?” , and the guy then said: “Your sister and you really look alike”!!! I LOVE that guy !!!! lol
    He thought I was my daughter’s sister !!!
    Btw: can’t wait to see your new “art of mastering french cuisine” recipes!!

  3. Kim said:

    I heart oysters. And thanks for sharing photos of Grand Central! One of these days… I’ll get my butt to NYC. One of these days…


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