01.11.11: produce (Meyer lemons from California!)

Meyer Lemons!

Reason no. 687 I love the food blogosphere: you meet people who have amazing gardens and they are more than happy to share.

A few weeks ago our pals at Rustic Garden Bistro saw my Meyer lemon pericatelli post and generously offered to unload some of the Meyers growing on the two lemon trees in their backyard (!!!) and so two days ago, a box of the fragrant beauties came into our possession, no worse for the wear considering they came all the way from California. We’ve already dispatched one in making a favorite aperitivo drink, and now we want to figure out how to use the rest relatively quickly.

Glowing Meyer Lemons

Thank you so much Kim and Barry! These little beauties really are, as SmithBites’ The Professor said, sunshine in a box!

So now I ask you, dear readers: what do we do with them? Suggestions, recipes, and all ideas welcome!

Meyer Lemon on Foodista

  1. aren’t they BYOO-TEE-MUSS??!!!! ours have been put to good use with 3 different recipes – stay tuned!!

  2. Lemon bars – smittenkitchen has a great version (full disclosure: I made them and blogged them and didn’t want to share them – they are heavenly).

    And in response to the tweet I see in your sidebar: Clueless!

  3. Kim said:

    Yay, they made it! So what did you do with the rest of them?! ‘ve been so busy giving them out I haven’t had a chance to do anything with what I have left. On the list is limoncello if I can get around to it.

    Great picture; they ARE glowing!


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