03.14/11: dinner (turkey tacos with cabbage slaw)

Turkey Tacos with Red Cabbage Slaw, Sharp Cheddar Cheese and Cilantro

Another post in the cause of not wasting food, or perhaps a better phrasing is completely re-purposing surplus, here I added to another line of fine meals, the weeknight taco. Who doesn’t enjoy a taco now and again? For us, we prefer now to again.

After spending most of Sunday making empanadas (post forthcoming…), we were left with a large amount of peppery, smoky sauce from the Barcelona cookbook. I resolved to not only utilize this superfluous condiment as a slathering agent, but rather build a dinner around it. I browned my ground turkey with some onions and then added the sauce and simmered until well melded and completely heated through. This may remind you of old Sloppy Joe, which is fine I suppose. One leftover batch of sauce (based on one 28 oz can of tomatoes) was enough liquid for nearly 1.5 lbs turkey.

Typically when I do ground turkey tacos I add all manner of spices to the mix but here all my work was done for me. I diced and added an onion before the sauce went in, but that’s it. I’d like to stress that this wasn’t planned, it all came about because I had an awareness of the leftovers and had purchased fresh basics from the market for the week. I don’t advocate letting the meat-grinder meals of the workweek dictate your weekend indulgences, but there’s much to be gained with some creativity and mental dexterity. So have fun, be daring and get what’s in that Tupperware out of the fridge and into the fray. Until next time, readers, cook on!

  1. Cook on indeed! I’m fan of tacos in general, weeknight or not, and I think the idea of simmering the meat with the sauce (as opposed to using it simply as a dipping sauce) is pretty darn ingenious 🙂

    • The original recipe we were using yielded 5 cups of sauce–even when we halved it, we were still left with quite a large amount even after slathering it all over empanadas! So it was a good way to use it up quickly (because I hate wasting food SO MUCH).

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