A sneak peek…

The Chef's Tasting Plate, laden with bacon and NY Strip.

So we are settling into our new place–we’ve spent the entire weekend starting to organize things–but I wanted to share a hint at our new digs. We have a bar with this new place, and while I was washing a lot of our dishware (something about that happens to your stuff when you live in New York, especially on a lower level of an apartment–your stuff gets grimy) and when I placed it on the bar by itself, it was calling out to be a lovely little platter for the evening’s chef to place a tasting of the dish du jour for the other person (or people) to taste.

This past night it was the most fantastic steak ever, and the other night it was jamón serrano along with my favorite brand of anchovies. Once we get some bar stools on the other side (and hang up the posters that are currently blocking that), it’s going to be amazing.

Stay tuned!

  1. Velva said:

    Cheers to your new digs!


  2. Kim said:

    Looks like you’re setting in just… fine. 🙂


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