06.15.11: dinner (Spain meets Latin America, and musings on a new routine)

Turkey and Chorizo with Quinoa, Avocado and Scallions

[Ed.–So Michael has been getting used to his new job and our new routine and therefore hasn’t been contributing anything here aside from cooking. Let’s welcome him back today!]

Yes, I have a new job. It’s accompanied by an hour drive in either direction and while the trip itself is by no means awful, it does take a healthy bite out of my day. Long past seem the days of sauntering home in the time it took my ipod to play a single song, now it’s more like an entire CD or so. I’m certainly not complaining, [Ed.–he SO is!] but everything’s definitely different now.

I certainly have become aware of that certain sensation that I’ve read about over the years, where you get home and you don’t feel like cooking. Perish the thought, of course, but still, my brain’s cooking center hasn’t been firing quite has hot as I’m used to, but where there’s a will, there’s a way and when the going gets hungry, the hungry get going.

When I feel overwhelmed or under-inspired when it comes to concocting dinner, I tend to default to certain tried-and-true preparations (indeed, that’s the point of establishing a repertoire), things like chicken tacos, bean soups, Alton Brown’s pork tenderloin and the like. Additionally, you get a sense that certain things fit together, so after a few weeks in the new apartment, when the pantry has swelled to an appropriate fullness, things slowly move back into alignment. Hopefully.

Above is my latest offering. We have some great salmon in the freezer… which we forgot to thaw out this morning because of unaccustomed morning nuttiness. So, after coming home following a hard day of fighting tiny machines at work, as I have done many times in many kitchens, I looked in the fridge and punted. The result was very satisfying and left us without feelings of guilt or fatigue after dinner.

When your back is against the wall or you can’t seem to focus on the task at hand, see what you’ve got and remember simple is best. Even when your mojo feels waning, you still gotta eat until it comes back. Until next time, friends, cook on!

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  1. Kim said:

    I’m in the same boat – it’s HARD to cook after a long day at work! So recently, we’ve been taking the easy way out. Not very cost effective.

    I think the key to a successful punt is having a well-stocked pantry. We need to work on that, too.


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