07.11.11: Cobb Salad (Bachelor Chow 1)

Deluxe Cobb Salad

Last week the Mrs. was outta town for work,  leaving me to my own devices. Said devices were less than thrilling, as E left me for the beginning of the work week only and save for some serendipitous short-notice primo sport seats, not much can go down without the wife in town on a Tuesday. Maybe it’s a lack of imagination on my part.

The actual Deluxe Cobb Salad

Pictured above was my favorite lunch when I worked at Columbia. There’s a faux-kitchenette down Broadway a few blocks from the campus with some decent food (especially for the area). I was always very partial to their Cobb Salad, and indeed, Cobb Salads in general. Feeling nostalgic for my New York years and an inexplicable craving for bacon and avocado, I assembled my wares.

I grilled some chili-rubbed chicken (a solo man meal must involve an electric grill), bacon, diced tomatoes and avocado, chopped egg, shredded cabbage and some cheese. I laid everything all over romaine (E usually requests arugula in our salads). I made the dressing with a dab of mustard, a dash of soy, red wine vinegar, mirin and olive oil. And end it all in a big ol’ bowl. Nothing says bachelor chow like a bunch of food in a giant bowl.

The folks behind Futurama certainly think so!

Although we miss our special someones when they leave, it can be an opportunity to make something different, even if it is something mundane as a salad. I enjoyed it greatly and I say so with impunity, it may seem odd that man food constitute a salad, but I deeply believe that its status as ‘food with bacon’ supersedes all else. Until next time, friends, cook on.

  1. I’m impressed. Any kind of salad is not really my idea of dude food, but a man who craves veggies is my kind of guy!

  2. By comparing bachelor chow to a big bowl of food, our mind automatically wanders to a can of microwaved pasta with dinosaur shapes. Not too shabby on the man meal! You had us at avocado and bacon…perhaps we will make tonight a salad night.

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