10.28.12: pre-Sandy dinner (Hawksmoor’s roast chicken)

Hawksmoor Roast Chicken

Back when Michael was in England, he was able to spend some time in London with our fabulous London friends, and during our subsequent cell phone and Google Hangout conversations he told me about this cookbook they had that from their favorite steakhouse Hawksmoor. Simply perusing the book made him feel inspired to buy it, and when I saw that it was under $30, I jumped and ordered a copy. To say that it’s a meat-lover’s cookbook is to be cliche; in fact, this cookbook is a diatribe on great English food and drink, albeit with a very heavy focus on meat. If a roast chicken recipe is an adequate barometer of the worth of a cookbook, well, the recipe here makes this one a good book to at least consider.

It may be a bit hasty to declare this when you’ve only tried one recipe, but when they get the roast chicken recipe so well, it’s only natural to assume the rest is remarkable. Especially when one is called “Beef Shin and Macaroni.” I’m looking forward to making that when it gets significantly colder.

Pan sauce for the win.

We wrapped the breast meat up and stowed it in our tiny little cooler in the event that we lost power due to Sandy, but we were extremely fortunate as we never lost power (at least not yet–even though the storm has passed, I know it could be possible to lose power as they try to get others back on the grids), and so we were able to ride out the storm watching many DVDs (Made in Spain, Office Space, Community, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, and The Avengers,) and cooking, of course. It wasn’t completely stress-free as we live on the edge of the widest evacuation area and there was a possibility of us having to possibly leave, but we had it made compared to so many others. My heart goes out to those in NYC and along the shore trying to get rid of water and debris, and to everyone still dealing without power as that situation can lead to the worst kind of stir-craziness.

I also made some tomato-basil sauce with bucatini. This has been my lunch all week, and I’m not complaining.

Stay safe everyone! For those affected, I hope power comes back sooner than expected.


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