Rosé and caftan season, or: how I resolve to enjoy the late spring and summer months.

Prosecco cocktail with poached orange peel.

Prosecco cocktail with poached orange peel.

Two weeks ago we finally decided on where we’d go on vacation this year (our first trip together since New Orleans last spring), and while I’m really excited about that, I am determined to not wish away the late spring and summer months because that will only lead to massive seasonal affective disorder/depression come November.* (For this reason I’m not going to say where we are going until the date gets closer .) Instead, I have resolved to savor everything I can from now until then: short trips to the local beaches, wearing short sleeveless caftans around the house, making delicious sangria and other cocktails, welcoming visitors, and heading into the city for various escapades.

I don’t want to feel that it’s going to be a good summer: I’m determined to make it so.

View from Cummings Beach. Not bad for a five-minute drive.

View from Cummings Beach. Not bad for a five-minute drive.

The Memorial Day weekend was a good place to start: delicious food, fabulous drinks, and a lack of pants ruled the three days,  rendering most of my thoughts into bullet form:

  • We saw Chef which was an absolute delight—it’s a complete escapist film and not really rooted in reality (I mean, since when would a serious chef not even know a little bit of Spanish especially after working in the same restaurant for ten years?) but the food porn was so so beautiful.
  • Related: the Chef soundtrack as a whole will be my song of the summer of 2014.
  • A few days ago I read this article on how to make your body ready for caftan season and it is hilarious and you should all read it and then find your own caftan/tunic in which to lounge. Mine can be found below and also here.
  • Over the last few years I’ve been slowly getting into rosé and this is the year in which I embrace it whole-heartedly. Two that we’ve been enjoying in particular are from Vrac and 90+ Cellars.
  • Related: start following YesWayRose on the social media forum of your choice. You’re welcome.
It is officially rosé and caftan season.

It is officially rosé and caftan season.

It’s not summer quite yet officially, but given the crappy winter we all had, it’s time to act accordingly all the same.

(Prosecco recipes to be coming soon–they just need a little more testing.)

*The massive funk I was in following our 2012 trip to Barcelona, I think, can be entirely attributed to me wishing the summer away in anticipation for what was a really fun trip but left me with a very deep bereft feeling upon return. I mean, the day we left it was sunny and warm in Spain, and when we walked out of JFK we were greeted with very drab grey skies and a chill in the air. I don’t know if it was full-blown SAD, but ever since then I’ve tried to greet the spring and summer with the greatest of appreciation.

  1. Thanks for the movie recommendation. I will totally be watching Chef this weekend

  2. Brianne said:

    We were fortunate to have a very summer-like Memorial Day weekend. It was sandwiched between 50 degree rainy days, but I have hope that sunshine and warmth are on their way 🙂 Can’t wait to see what comes out of your kitchen this summer! Now, if only I could get the guy to embrace rose. I dig it, but he turns up his nose.

    • It’s funny–Michael is way more of a white/rose person than I am, but we were able to come to an accord with rose. I think it’s all about finding one that goes with your taste preferences, and making sure to drink it on a hot day. The Vrac 2013 is really, really crisp and light and delicious–basically the exact opposite of a white zin, which is terrible.

  3. A light & bright wine and a comfy sundress are summer perfection. Lately, since its been abominably hot down here this summer, I’ve taken to drinking white wine spritzers. I know it sounds tacky and classless, I KNOW, but, trust me. Take an otherwise unremarkable pinot grigio or sav blanc, top it off with some seltzer water, and add a twist of lemon — it’s light, refreshing, and the perfect thing to sip while your toes are in the sand.

    Also, where are you going?? I know we’re not supposed to be wistfully discussing your trip, but I think a little light excitement wouldn’t be uncalled for.

    • As far as I’m concerned, the wine spritzer is a fun cousin of the sangria–what could possibly be wrong with that?

      We’re headed back to Spain for a week in September! As excited as I am, I’m trying to temper my enthusiasm so I don’t come back all bummed that the summer will be close to over.

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