Summertime cocktails: blackberry-rosé sangria


Blackberry-Rosé Sangria

If you’re a wise person, you have declared this summer as the season of rosé (and hopefully caftan) season, much like myself, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to switch things up…and that’s when you introduce rosé sangria into your life. The idea for this came about when Boqueria  (a fabulous tapas mini-chain in New York and elsewhere) posted a recipe for a blackberry-centric sangria, and while I loved the ingredient list the actual recipe seemedd a bit…involved. So I borrowed some ingredients from their recipe and put my simpler spin on it and Michael has declared this to be the best sangria he’s had all summer.

Naturally, I need to share this with you. You should make it immediately, and that’s all I’m going to say about it.

Blackberry-Rosé Sangria

Blackberry-Rosé Sangria

makes 4-5 glasses of sangria (approximately)

  • 1 bottle rosé
  • 6 oz blackberries, rinsed
  • 1 lemon, sliced
  • 1/4 cup cachaça
  • 3-4 sprigs mint
  • Splash of St. Germain
  • 1 TBSP of lemon verbena simple syrup (recipe here)

Take about half of the blackberries (especially any that may be softer) and muddle them in the bottom of a pitcher. Add the remainder of the ingredients to the pitcher, stir well to combine, and chill for at least two hours prior to serving.

  1. Jonny said:

    No wonder Michael declared it his favorite. It looks a refreshing, elegant and very toothsome riff on the southern Spanish sangria variant vino tinto de verano. We are growing blackberries for the first time this year – we have about six right now. By my eye, that would be enough for 1.5 glasses of this. Happily, the woods around us are full of wild forest fruits, so all we’ll need to get is the rose. Joy! (Not sure about caftan, however…)

    • Ooooo–wild blackberries in this would be fantastic! And thank you for the reminder about vino tinto de verano–not only should I make a glass or two of it this weekend, but I should definitely order it when we’re on the beach in September.

  2. Wendy said:

    Such a delightful looking drink…I cannot wait to go home and make some! Thanks!

  3. Brianne said:

    I was just craving sangria over the weekend. I’m flying to Minnesota this week for the wedding of one of my best friends. With all that girl time, a fun sangria recipe sounds like something that should happen. I like this light, refreshing option!

  4. shannon said:

    okay, so that’s beautiful: you make the BEST drinks, Elizabeth. I’m not even kidding.
    This summer, sadly, i have barely had a drink: a combination of not paying attention and preoccupation with other things, and it’s frankly ridiculous. Next summer, however, i’m revisiting basically every post of yours on summer drinks and i’m making them ALL. This one may actually show up at the Wee One’s birthday party (because, adults.) 😉

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