Imatages de Catalunya: a preview of what we’ve been up to in the past week.


Well, it was a whirlwind of a week, but we’re back and rested and tanned. This trip was exactly what we needed: days spent sitting on the beach and swimming in the sea, long walks around neighborhoods both familiar and new, and meals filled with delectable food and drink. We covered a lot of ground and still didn’t manage to fit in everything I wanted to see…but then that leaves plenty to explore on our next visit.

La Riera in Caldes d’Estrac

Michael likes to tease me that I’m always content to go back there versus trying somewhere else new, and it’s true that if I could go there as often as I pleased I would, but this trip convinced him of the value of revisiting a place that is already somewhat familiar. This time we were not only able to revisit favorite restaurants, but also try out a bevy of new ones and squeeze in a half-day trip to Montserrat, in addition to indulging in significantly more beach time than the last time around.

Plaça de Sant Felip Neri

Another difference from the last trip is my eagerness to write about this one. I’m still not sure what prompted the writer’s block that plagued me two years ago—I still think the cold and grey weather was the culprit in addition to the shorter days—but despite feeling a familiar twinge of melancholy, I’m also incredibly eager to capture all of our experiences to paper. I won’t subject them all to you in this space, but you’ll have to forgive a number of Catalunya-specific posts likely over the course of the next few months as daylight becomes shorter and plumb this trip and its many meals for inspiration.

¡Jamón jamón!

  1. Brianne said:

    Welcome back! I will certainly not complain if a deluge of travel posts from you hits my RSS feed. I’m excited to hear more about your trip. The only major vacation Kevin and I have been on was to San Francisco, and we spent so much time walking around the city and orienting ourselves that I’ve often felt that we missed out on a lot. It would be so great to revisit and go at a more relaxed pace and experience the city more. I’m all for revisiting when you travel.

  2. shannon said:

    I love that you two had such a lovely time! You’re right, perfect timing and maybe heading towards the familiar made it better than whisking away to somewhere brand new. I love travel to new places, but revisiting the ones i’ve been to is awfully comforting, in a way. Excited to read more about your trip (as i wander through catching up. ) 🙂

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