Summer-into-fall cocktails: La Tasqueta de Caldes’s autumnal gintònic

Autumn Gintonic “La Tasqueta”/ El gintònic tardor La Tasqueta

Like I had predicted a few weeks ago, our trip included many a good gintonic, especially when we were on the beach in Caldetes. While the lion’s share of them were traditional—served in giant balloon stemware and garnished with a hefty lemon peel—the creative  minds at La Tasqueta de Caldes had to be the ones to make the slightest tweak  to the formula to not only make it a little more unique, but also make it the perfect transitional cocktail between summer and fall. Even better is that no pumpkin-spiced-anything had to be involved in its creation.

Truth be told, this is a much better combination than that expected mix.

The original at La Tasqueta a little over a week ago.

Instead of the traditional lemon peel or even lemon verbena leaf, they placed a large swatch of orange peel and a stick of cinnamon as the garnishes, which worked so harmoniously with the gin and the tonic water. The orange added that refreshing note but wasn’t quite as tart as a lemon, allowing the cinnamon to come to the party and add a slight warmth without being cloyingly autumnal. Summer’s final moments are officially winding away as I write this, but at least now I have a way to not only ease me into fall, but in a way that can recall warm evenings in a favorite seaside town.

If you’re like me and aren’t ready for fall to be here officially, fix yourselves one of these and come join me on my balcony while I plead for one last heat wave before it becomes permanent sweater weather until next April.

Autumn Gintonic “La Tasqueta”/ El gintònic tardor La Tasqueta

Makes one cocktail

  • 2 oz gin
  • 1 single-serve bottle Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic water, chilled
  • Ice
  • 1 large slice orange peel, pith removed
  • 1 cinnamon stick

Place ice in large wine glass, and pour gin over top. Add tonic water—preferably by pouring it down a bar spoon handle into the glass—and then add garnishes and serve.

If desired, float a small amount of gin on top of tonic water and garnishes.

  1. biz319 said:

    I’ll gladly join you for a cocktail! While I love fall, when I woke up and it was 42 degrees this morning, that’s a bit TOO chilly for this time of year.

    • Yeah, that’s ludicrous. I blame everyone who insist upon wearing their sweaters and boots the second the temperatures dip below 70 degrees.

  2. Brianne said:

    Dude. This sounds awesome. I’ve got this nice bottle of gin that I’ve been wanting to drink, but I had too many regular old G&Ts this summer and I’ve been at a loss at what else to try (since I’m too broke for a new bottle of Campari!). This is just what I was looking for!

    • Fantastic! Yes, some cinnamon sticks are much more reasonable than a bottle of Campari…

  3. shannon said:

    i would have NEVER thought of those flavors for a gintonic, but i’m immediately ready to try it. like not kidding, maybe tonight (because it’s 10 am and a bit too early, but honestly…no. i should wait. ) 🙂

  4. Wendy said:

    Cannot wait to try this!!!

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