Blizzard 2016 eats, which is the perfect excuse to start cooking out of the Lucky Peach cookbook

Boiled Dollar Dumplings with “Chineseay” Cucumber Salad

As I write this most of my neighborhood is still very much blanketed with snow, as the only plows we’ve really seen come through either were getting stuck en route to their job sites or the one for my building’s property management company that managed to clear out some the snow. In all fairness, we received as much snow in two days down here as we’re supposed to receive in an entire season, so I can definitely understand that the cleanup is going to be slow. We were prepared–Michael took the responsibility to go to the market on Thursday night, and we packed our pantry and fridge well to make sure we’d have plenty of food to enjoy over the weekend.

Braised Chicken Wings

While on Friday we did our normal burgers and beers tradition because the weather hadn’t gotten too nasty yet, we were prepared to spend the entirety of the weekend indoors. I went into full-fledged slug mode come Sunday, getting up only to make food and tea and eventually do some deadlifting while otherwise futzing around on the internet and just taking it easy. Michael did some shoveling to help free my car from the sidewalk side, but since we were waiting for the plow to push more snow on my car we refrained from doing serious work until we knew what the plowed snow situation would look like on Monday at the earliest.

Instead, we cooked a whole lot: I pored through cookbooks on the weeknights leading up to the storm and suggested a menu, while Michael generously made a stop at the Teet to get supplies and I went and got the remainder of necessities (coffee, sushi-grade salmon, and wine) the night before the storm down at Cross Street. Saturday was devoted to recipes from the Lucky Peach cookbook, which is as fantastic as you’ve heard it is and as easy to cook from as they claim on the cover. Sunday was going to be a series of tapas, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

My first attempt at pleating dumplings. They’re not bad considering I was using square wrappers.

My list of things to make from Lucky Peach was quite long at first, with my thought being that it would be a weekend of dishes from the cookbook, but then I pared it down to make room for other foods to make an appearance because suddenly I wanted to make some Spanish food and I wanted to sip rose and wear a caftan because I wanted to thumb my nose in this weather and pretend that we were closer to Spring than we actually are at this point in time. (It was a little too cold for a caftan, but I did treat myself to some post-shoveling rosé on Monday.)

What’s funny is that our spread could be seen as decadent, but our portions were relatively modest: the braised wings were small and suited the two of us very well, and while I made 48 dumplings we were able to freeze quite a few. The cucumber salad was light and is definitely one I want to make more frequently given how easy it was, and will be a nice alternative to our normal summertime cucumber salads.

Mezcal-cured salmon with cream cheese and onion foam

Since Sunday was so sluggish (seriously–I basically bounced between my office and the couch for most of the day depending on whether I needed power for my laptop), dinner was very light–just some mezcal-cured salmon with savory cream cheese foam (and I promise both recipes will be appearing on this blog within a week) and mango gazpacho. Eventually I also got up to make a salad, and we saved an egg dish that got us through another blizzard three years ago for a late-morning Monday breakfast.

Mango gazpacho.

The stir-craziness hasn’t set in quite yet thanks to having such resources as Hulu, Netflix, and a well-stocked fridge and selection of wine, plus the shoveling to keep us occupied, but I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to see more blacktop before the end of the week and that driving will become an option sooner rather than later, but all things considered, it’s not so bad at all.

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  1. Holy smokes you guys were PRODUCTIVE!!
    Yeah there’s really not much you can do when you’re snowed in besides eat and be a bum.
    You guys managed to eat without being a bum per se because you created some marvelous, fancy stuff here, if I do say so myself 😀

    God whyyyyyy couldn’t you have been my neighbors during the Boston Blizzard!?!

    1. elizabeth says:

      I KNOW. We would have all eaten SO WELL!

  2. Brianne says:

    Yikes. I don’t know if I’ve been in a snowstorm like that since I was a kid, and I don’t remember much about it except for drifts taller than my head. I love preparing for smaller snow storms much like you did, and the anticipation never gets old. Being stuck inside for a day with delicious food is great, unless the power goes out, which is usually what ends up happening at my house. I’ve been eyeing that Lucky Peach cookbook and I’m glad you hear you’re enjoying it! Stay safe and warm and watch good shit on the internet!!

    1. elizabeth says:

      It’s a solid cookbook–cheeky and silly, but the recipes are solid. Right now the main issue is the fact that it’s Tuesday and our streets still have not been plowed since Saturday, so cars are buried and most of the work that has been done has been from people shoveling and our building’s property managers doing a little plowing on Monday. We haven’t had mail in days, and fortunately my manager is being very accommodating about letting me work from home so I don’t have to lose my precious parking spot that took hours to dig out between M and myself.

  3. That blizzard was a whopper, but I can’t think of any better way to spend it than making dumplings! YUM.

    1. elizabeth says:

      What’s bad is that the local government still likes to pretend we only get mild winters and that these are fluke storms so they don’t know how to handle snow removal. It’s Wednesday and our streets have yet to see a plow–yes, things are melting, but they aren’t melting that quickly and there are people who still haven’t done any digging of their cars so street parking is challenging at best.

  4. this winter’s snowstorm was right smack dab in the middle of our kitchen renovation, and we only had a hot plate to cook with. it was sad, especially when i think about all the baking and souping i could’ve done. you seemed to have fared much better, i am envious!

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