Images from New York, long weekend edition.

Bull sculpture from MoMA’s Picasso: Sculpture exhibit that I was finally able to see.

I had this really long, probably very rambly recap of the two days we spent in New York two weekends ago, but I’d rather keep this short and sweet, because I’ve realized that there are a lot of things that I need to write about and I’ll be likely mining this trip and all of the delicious things we ate and drank for months to come.

(I know, I say that about all of our trips and it’s true, but now I’m making detailed lists of all of the things I need to write about and what I’m missing from each post so I can get my act together and actually schedule content to appear on a regular basis.)

The River That Flows Both Ways by Spencer Finch on the High Line.

On the whole, the weekend was really lovely: we visited many places we’ve gone before (and I’m thrilled to report that all of them still belong on our recommendation list), while even getting to try out a new place that has since become something of a preoccupation of sorts for me. Our hotel was fantastic and I would recommend it particularly to anyone new to the city who could use a couple of friendly faces to help them figure out where to go, and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. While not planned as such it was the ideal antidote to being cooped up for a week thanks to the blizzard, as we logged more than 40,000 steps over the two days combined.

House-made ricotta at Corkbuzz Union Square, which is absolutely dynamite. DYNAMITE.

While I had a slight advantage from having made a few work-related visits last year, for both Michael and I it really felt like nothing had changed and we fell right back into our New York groove. Aside from another trip to the MoMA we went to none of the places we did on our prior trip just over a year ago or even to any of the places I had been to on my travels save for Fairway, so clearly I’ll have to start doing a little research and think of another time to head in there to enjoy a pastrami on rye from Katz’s.

I’m not very good at awkwardly-placed mirror selfies.



Blizzard aside, this January was pretty fucking awesome between all of the visitors we entertained and ending with this trip. Not a bad way to kick off 2016, and more will be coming.

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  1. Can’t wait to see more on your trip. I may not make it back as soon as is like to, so seeing it from your (very expert) vantage point will be awesome…

  2. Brianne says:

    Hahaha! Scheduled content. I try so hard to get into that kind of groove, but…life, man! I never managed to write about our trip to New York back in October and I still dwell on how awesome it was like, every day. Fairway! Momofuku! I didn’t have a ton of play time, and since it was my first trip I stuck to the classics, but I so hope to go back with your recommendation list in tow. Also, I’m reading your New Orleans posts since I’ll be there for a week with a LOT of play time (the guy has a conference and I…do not). All I know is that I will be frequenting District Donuts, but beyond that…help?

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