A brief check-in as I prep for New Year’s Eve.

Not pictured: the birthday cake crumb and the empanada meat mixture chilling out in the fridge.

I was all ready to wax philosophical on you all on how I like to plan for parties…but I’m in the midst of party planning and can’t do that just yet. Above is a glimpse of what I’ve been up to in our kitchen, and I can’t wait to share the details with you in the new year because that’s probably when I’ll finally have a chance to sit down and write in earnest.

The list of things I want to write about is long–there are things like chestnut-ricotta dumplings and mushroom migas and the like on the docket, in addition to some actual baking(!) I’ve done for the holiday–but right now I’m definitely channeling Jen Carroll from the sixth season of Top Chef, specifically from the episode “Thunderbirds:”

Happy New Year, everyone, and may the transition into 2017 be filled with great food and great company.

  1. Ohhh you’re gonna kill, don’t even worry about it 😀
    Looking forward to seeing alllll the pictures. Happiest of new years to you guys, know that I’ll be toasting you from my masquerade party ❤

    • SAME TO YOU! We have our empanadas in the freezer and our shrimp is peeled, so I’m feeling good about things. We’ll toast you with one of the many concoctions from our cava cocktail bar! ❤ ❤

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