An update on my windowsill herb garden.

My thyme going nuts.

Welp: it’s finally starting to feel a bit more seasonal. Saturday was the first in ages that hadn’t gone above 70 degrees as the high, which is weird considering we were dancing close to 90 earlier in the week. (I know this personally for a fact because a post-work jaunt across the harbor to Whole Foods left me a pretty drenched mess, even with a boat ride to cut into the walk itself.) When we lived in Stamford this would have me feeling both wistful and worried over how I could possibly my herbs before the winter temperatures took them out; at least here, with my indoor windowsill garden, I don’t have to fret over that.

I’ve been meaning to offer an update of sorts to my gardening exploits, and now seems as good a time as any to do so. My plants from last year are all still going strong. We were worried that something was wrong with the basil, but it turned out it was likely only suffering from a few nights of having the window open when it was still cool at night. The most exciting development among those plants is that my Meyer tree has not only blossomed, but is gestating a lemon as we speak! Apparently they can take up to 6 months to mature and turn yellow, and based on my calculations that might be happening sometime within the next few weeks. In the meantime a new branch of the tree has sprouted up and seems to grow like a weed, and I’m hopeful that a few more buds might be forming, but to be perfectly honest I am simply glad that the tree seems to be doing well and hasn’t died yet, you know?

The only disappointing growth that I noted was that I felt my rosemary didn’t seem to grow like it used to in Stamford. Instead of a lovely bush by the end of the summer both of my plants had sort of not done much of anything, but I think that was more of a reflection of initially being placed in a north-facing window. I’ve since moved that pot to one of the sills in our bedroom, and not only has the third plant that I had gotten last year to see if I could supplement the barbecue-style rosemary flourished, but the two Tuscan Blues I got at the Herb Festival this year seem to be doing much better themselves.

You can see that the right lavender has a shoot that went right up and is thisclose to blooming. You can also see my default gym setup and my squat rack, which isn’t ideal but actually works.


The other big success has been bringing some lavender into the party. Lavender is one I always wanted to grow, but managed to kill pretty effectively each year likely from getting too much water. The two plants I got at the festival have thrived, and one has even sprouted some buds, so I might get to see some actual flowering sooner rather than later which is quite exciting. I’ve been so pleased with the lavender that I ended up getting another plant at the local hardware store and now it and my ever-growing oregano plant keep me company at work each day.

There have been a few misses as well–the thyme acquired at the festival died unfortunately, so it got replaced with a plant I found at the Teet and that has been doing much better. The mint I was hoping would leave us with a lovely bush of leaves for cocktails and food outgrew its pot and died; when I eventually removed it was super-easy to do so because the rootball had taken over the entire pot and not one speck of dirt fell on the floor. A serrano pepper plant that my old boss had given me ended up never fruiting and eventually died–the heat of the windowsills might have been too much for it–so that is what the lavender replaced in my office.

We’ll see how all of my plants fare over fall and winter, as who knows–I may not need to go to next year’s festival because I won’t have any more room to grow plants if all of my current ones are flourishing.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mannnn!!
    I’m so jealous you get to grow LAVENDER!!! Ughh, you’re so lucky to have the space and the appropriate window placement for such things. My kitchen is far too tiny but I love that you’re doing this!
    Viva la herb garden!!

  2. Karen Cruz says:

    Your rosemary is so luxuriant. It’s a pity that my room is very small and can only enjoy the downstairs scenery.

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