Sabor de soledad, Michael in Australia edition.

Chopped chicken liver toasts

I don’t know why I haven’t been feeling so inclined to write about food, but I’m going to blame February, my second-least favorite month after January, for bringing me down. I have all of these post ideas written down and when I sit down to write, it all feels so stilted and so phony. Here’s hoping that as we get closer to Spring and the return of Daylight Savings I’ll feel a bit more inspired than I do now.

Huevos rancheros

Michael was in Australia for all of last week, leaving Sunday and coming back Friday, and accordingly I gave myself some cooking projects to keep me occupied while he was away. The most ambitious cooking we did was over the weekend before he left: we made a bunch of recipes out of Bryan Voltaggio’s cookbook Home, and then I made some damn delicious huevos rancheros from Prune for brunch so we could relax before he had to leave for his first flight to San Francisco. For supper that night I made a big pot of my favorite Catalonian meatball and noodle soup—something I haven’t made in ages but I wanted because I was seriously hankering for some soup. I ended up not really doing much food-wise on Monday because I was invited to my neighbor’s Lunar New Year dinner, which was really fun with delicious food and nice company.

Catalonian meatball soup

For the rest of the week, though, I mainly tried to keep it relatively simple since I had a lot of leftovers from the weekend to eat as well. Tuesday I made chicken liver toasts from one of the cookbooks that should not be mentioned (I had mentioned it earlier, but in retrospect I was wrong to do that), Wednesday I went a little simpler with a spiff on blood orange and arugula salad with burrata and prosciutto, and Thursday I thawed out two leftover chicken legs to make a spin on Mimi Thorisson’s poulet chasseur, which honestly deserves its own post as well a proper photo taken in natural light.

I’m using this as a way to get out of my blogging funk because there are things I really want to write about, like fresh pasta dough and liver-stuffed quail and a pizza we’re going to try this weekend that sounds really good but an open mind is sort of necessary for it to work.

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