Checking in as we settle in for more home cooking.

Breakfast shrimp from The Dooky Chase Cookbook and serrano ham with red-eye mayo from Momofuku.

So–how is everyone doing?

Galatoire’s smoked salmon canapes

The last few days left me in a bit of brain fog, if I’m being honest, between seeing so many restaurants I love shutting their doors to fretting over whether our pantry was sufficiently stocked. Aside from making the occasional trip to the grocery store to stock up, we’ve been staying at home and cooking a lot of food, and I think that we’re in pretty good shape, for the time being, so I want to focus up and talk about cooking at home during this deeply unsettling time.

Before I do, though, I encourage you all to reach out to your Congressional representatives (both in the House and Senate) and urge them to pledge to help the restaurant industry and make them part of the federal stimulus program. You can also sign this petition and head spread the word. If you can, please try to order food from restaurants that are offering curbside takeout/delivery as while it is far from the ideal situation, it will mean so much to them. Buying gift cards and merch are also helpful–Helen Rosner of The New Yorker is posting a series of highlights on Instagram featuring cool shirts and mugs and the like that restaurants all over the country are selling online. 

Chicken liver mousse from Gramcercy Tavern

I usually try to stick to posting once a week or so normally, but given that we’re all going to be cooking a lot more, I want to share what we’re making at home right now in the hopes that you can find some inspiration, and more importantly, some comfort, over the coming weeks. There will be pasta, there will be eggs, there will be even some fish here and there, but there will also be offal. With meat departments being largely cleared out for the last week or so, it’s time for us to start looking beyond chicken breasts and ground beef and embrace organ meat. 

Meatless meatballs in broth from Canal House Cooking

I actually have several recipes featuring offal already on this site–mostly chicken liver-based–so this isn’t something that’s new to me, but I have several bags of chicken hearts vacuum-sealed in the freezer that I’m looking forward to using, so this could get pretty interesting.

So with that, friends, let’s wash our hands and get into the kitchen. We’re all in this together.

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