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Glorious, glorious, ham.

Prior to last week, it had been four years since I’ve been in Spain, or really traveled abroad anywhere; I’m not sure what happened, except that in 2016 we just never got around to putting something together and life simply got int the way the other times. Since this October marks our tenth anniversary, we figured this was as good a time as any to splurge on a trip, and Michael was good enough to indulge my desire to go back to Barcelona; this time, however, we agreed that we should try to fit another location in if we possibly could. Initially, we thought about going to Iceland as well as Barcelona—I spent a good portion of President’s Day researching logistics for this very possibility—but between a lack of convenient flights to and from Barcelona to Iceland and the fact that the weather would be very different in both places (thus making it much more difficult to pack for), we decided that wasn’t the best idea. Michael then suggested San Sebastian, as he’s been wanting to go there ever since we watched the Spain episode of David Chang’s Mind of a Chef season. Read More


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that recently we spent some time wandering around Centralia, PA. One of our close friends from college was visiting us and the three of us were en route up to the Wilkes-Barre area for a little reunion with the rest of our gang from the St. Joe’s years. Over drinks on a few days earlier we floated the idea of going there, and then M did some mapping and realized that it wasn’t that far a diversion from our final destination. We were already on a bonefide road trip, so why not make a pit stop at one of Pennsylvania’s best-known near-ghost towns? Read More

The GAIL! (Coaster is by my BFF who has been working on Moroccan tile.)

I feel like the last six or seven weeks has been conspicuously rainy here in Baltimore, and on the East Coast in general. Every week seems to have at least one cloudburst, and more recently it’s a matter of when, not if, a rainstorm is going to converge over us. When we were in PA to celebrate summer birthdays during a particularly nasty bout of storms we were delayed from leaving my in-laws’ because their street had completely flooded up to the curb in a matter of an hour, which was a new and unsettling experience for me. (The consequences of over-development, live in front of your window.) Read More

Roasted chicken with creme fraiche and herbs

It’s August now (how is it August?) and we’ve been largely avoiding the oven as much as possible because it’s been either hot, humid, or both and so we’ve largely been using our Griddler and the stove and also resorting to ceviche pretty frequently too. So it may seem pretty weird to be writing about roasted chicken right now, but I guess it’s my form of solace: if I can’t eat it right now, I can at least write about it, you know? Read More

Alton Brown’s Bitter-Day Martini

My interest in cocktails waxes and wanes: sometimes I’d rather drink something that barely qualifies as one like a kir, and other times I’ll happily pull a bunch of bottles off the shelf and mix together something elaborate and interesting. Often I’ll kind of go to the beat of my own drum, but lately I’ve been enjoying finding drinks in cookbooks and giving them a try. Inevitably these usually have me either buying ingredients I usually don’t dabble with—including more obscure liquors—but if I’m lucky, I’ll find myself making these drinks again and again. Read More

Boquerones, radishes with sea salt and butter, baguette with lardo butter and fermented tomato from Longway Tavern.

When I first sat down to write about our recent trip to New Orleans, initially my plan was to condense it into a concise top five list of food and drink that we enjoyed…and then I realized that was basically an impossible task. I then realized that I could break out my favorite drinks and dishes by theme, and so here’s hoping I actually get around to writing all of them. But first, I must speak of The Napkin. Read More

The Baltimore Herb Festival at Leakin Park

I’ll be honest—I wasn’t sure if we were going to go to the Baltimore Herb Festival this year because with my additions to the lineup last year, I kind of thought I was set. But the mint we got outgrew its pot likwhoa, and the black pear pepper plant also outgrew its pot, and then Michael really surprised me by saying he wanted to go there to add some more houseplants to the house (#milliennial), so early on Saturday morning off we went to Leakin Park to partake in the annual tradition. Read More

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