Meditiations on smoked pork.

Okay, so I re-visited the local fire codes and electric cooking devices are allowed on patios. I can therefore speak freely now about the latest foray into North-of-the-border balcony barbecue. This venture was not motivated by, but certainly reinforced by one of Alton Brown’s final Good Eats episodes, this an hour-long treatise on pork smokery….

07.13.12: dinner (Bachelor Chow 2–steak!)

Ah, the bachelor plate. A scant array of sliced cooked creature, a starch drowned in a bottled sauce- all that’s missing is a sad bit of broccoli tenuously clinging to the side, although for some gents that is even a step too far. The paradigm of razor-sharp solo male sustenance. This could be presented in…

07.11.11: Cobb Salad (Bachelor Chow 1)

Last week the Mrs. was outta town for work,  leaving me to my own devices. Said devices were less than thrilling, as E left me for the beginning of the work week only and save for some serendipitous short-notice primo sport seats, not much can go down without the wife in town on a Tuesday….

6.26.11: appetizer (top secret smoked chicken wings)

Okay. I’ll admit that I may have been a bit too forcefully tight-lipped about the small device taking shape from bits of hardware store fodder on my balcony. I think having worked in an operational chemistry lab for so many years makes me skittish about revealing that I have a off-spec MacGyver-style contraption running in…

05.30.11: dinner (steak dinner from the broiler)

These lovely pictures were snapped by E on our first weekend in Stamford. We were still surrounded by boxes but we decided we needed a break from packing tape and our piles of treasured shit and return to the center of our New York power- we visited our beloved Fairway. [Ed.–one, if not both of…

01.09.11: dinner (beef bourguignon, first attempt)

Looks good, doesn’t it? Another delicious plate of braised goodness to enhance a lovely Sunday afternoon, right? Nothing like taking some delectable ingredients for a long, wet thermal haul in the old dutch oven on top of the stove, right? Well, not exactly. This lovely dish starts in that most delightful of French way: bacon….

04.30.11: dinner (ceviche and malanga-chip crusted scallops)

I think it’s safe to say that spring has finally arrived in New York City. We were very lucky to have a gorgeous couple-a days last two weekends, and we decided that our Saturday dinner should reflect the sunlight and the final departure of the cold. When I think delicious dishes in warmer weather, ceviche…