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As creative as we like to get in the kitchen on weekends, I have to admit that we are pretty susceptible to falling into dinner routines (or ruts, depending on how you look at it) on weeknights. If work is keeping us really busy it becomes much easier to stick with what we know and bang out dinner without much thinking, but too much of that will leave me feeling rather uninspired, and there’s something to be said about closing out the day with a delicious meal that isn’t just the same old, same-old. Read More


Moroccan-Style Chicken with Preserved Lemons and Capers

It begins with a mea culpa. I thought that preserving Meyer lemons would be foolish. They’re slightly sweet, I thought, they are too floral to be packed in salt and preserved like yellow pickles. The wife disagreed. I told her to find a preparation or commentary about preserving Meyers and within all of five minutes she had found several, including the one we used from The Gourmet Cookbook.  The tome claims that the floral delicate nature of the Meyers makes them especially apt for preservation.

Who knew? Read More

Preserved Meyer Lemons

There was no way we’d use up all of the Meyers that RGBistro sent us before they started to go south, so naturally we started to debate on the best way to make them last. Michael suggested some sort of jelly or marmalade; I shrewdly pointed out that we never eat anything with marmalade as it is, so why not preserve them? We had certainly seen enough recipes calling for preserved lemons to make them an ingredient of interest, and now that we had a bounty of the somewhat sweet variety, it would be fun to incorporating them into various dishes, no?

Shockingly (seriously–I live with a man who is very persuasive and a bit stubborn at times) my argument won out, and we started the process of preserving lemons a few weeks ago. Read More

Campari and Lemon Aperitivo

So you know how we received that box of gorgeous Meyer lemons from Rustic Garden Bistro? Over the past couple weeks we’ve been devising ways to use them up, so be prepared for a small onslaught of Meyer-lemon-related goodness.

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Meyer Lemons!

Reason no. 687 I love the food blogosphere: you meet people who have amazing gardens and they are more than happy to share.

A few weeks ago our pals at Rustic Garden Bistro saw my Meyer lemon pericatelli post and generously offered to unload some of the Meyers growing on the two lemon trees in their backyard (!!!) and so two days ago, a box of the fragrant beauties came into our possession, no worse for the wear considering they came all the way from California. We’ve already dispatched one in making a favorite aperitivo drink, and now we want to figure out how to use the rest relatively quickly.

Glowing Meyer Lemons

Thank you so much Kim and Barry! These little beauties really are, as SmithBites’ The Professor said, sunshine in a box!

So now I ask you, dear readers: what do we do with them? Suggestions, recipes, and all ideas welcome!

Meyer Lemon on Foodista

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