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Steak tartare from Avec Eric


It appears that 2015 is the year that so many of my favorite pop culture items say goodbye, from Parks and Recreation and Mad Men‘s finales to Xavi Hernandez leaving FC Barcelona after seventeen years to the retirement of Jon Stewart from The Daily Show; had The Mindy Project’s cancellation from Fox not resulted in it being picked up by Hulu, I would have felt particularly downtrodden. When Parks made its final bow back in Feburary we marked the occassion with bacon-wrapped shrimp, but we decided to send out Mad Men with a full spread, complete with a re-watch of the finale. (Not having cable anymore means we have to wait until the episodes are up on Amazon, and for whatever reason Amazon took FOREVER to finally get the finale loaded to the site. I willingly stayed off most of the internet to avoid spoilers all day and instead just kept bugging Amazon as to when we could expect to see it, and it worked–the finale surprised me in many ways, most of them very pleasantly. There will be no spoilers here, I assure you.) Read More


Shrimp with orange, tequila, and garlic

Do you have at least a few cookbooks that are actually quite good but you don’t turn to often enough, and for no good reason at that? I realized this was the case on Saturday while flipping through our copy of Gordan Ramsay’s Fast Food in search of an easy recipe for the week: it’s been ages since I cracked it open and looked through it, and I couldn’t tell you why that was the case. The layout is kind of strange–meal menus are interspersed with five recipes that fit within arbitrary categories–and some of the photos aren’t as gorgeous as one expects with food photography these days, but it hardly matters because the recipes are good and incredibly adaptable. Two are already in our regular rotation, and when the weekend rolls around and I’m planning for another Tuesday dinner, I’m going to make sure that more are at least given a proper tryout in the future. Read More

Steak Tacos with Avocado, Arugula, Caramelized Onions, Radishes and Cheddar

So how ’bout that earthquake on Tuesday, East Coast?

I’ll be honest–it freaked me out. I was on a call in my office and suddenly the building was moving, and we all emerged from cubes and offices to  verify with each other that we didn’t all have massive cases of vertigo at exactly the same time. What freaked me out the most, though, was that it brought me back to a Friday morning two weeks ago: we had made the rather catastrophic mistake of betting on the George Washington Bridge to get us to New Jersey instead of our normal Tappen Zee–having had a few easy GWB crossings lately, surely trying to go over after rush hour on a Friday morning in the summer would be nothing simpler.

Oh, no. Not even a little bit. We were stuck on the Cross Bronx for two hours. That’s two-thirds of the time it should take to get to Pennsylvania from Stamford. To make matters worse, we were completely without recourse–it’s not like we know the major highways around the city all that well, because usually I do everything I can to avoid the highways around the city. So as we sat trapped on an overpass, Michael started losing his mind and then a kid in the car ahead of us started jumping up and down so violently that he made the entire overpass shake, which proceeded to make me a little panicky. The moment the car crossed the bridge and got on the New Jersey Turnpike was finally when I could breathe a sigh of relief. Read More

Deluxe Cobb Salad

Last week the Mrs. was outta town for work,  leaving me to my own devices. Said devices were less than thrilling, as E left me for the beginning of the work week only and save for some serendipitous short-notice primo sport seats, not much can go down without the wife in town on a Tuesday. Maybe it’s a lack of imagination on my part. Read More

Turkey and Chorizo with Quinoa, Avocado and Scallions

[Ed.–So Michael has been getting used to his new job and our new routine and therefore hasn’t been contributing anything here aside from cooking. Let’s welcome him back today!]

Yes, I have a new job. It’s accompanied by an hour drive in either direction and while the trip itself is by no means awful, it does take a healthy bite out of my day. Long past seem the days of sauntering home in the time it took my ipod to play a single song, now it’s more like an entire CD or so. I’m certainly not complaining, [Ed.–he SO is!] but everything’s definitely different now.

I certainly have become aware of that certain sensation that I’ve read about over the years, where you get home and you don’t feel like cooking. Perish the thought, of course, but still, my brain’s cooking center hasn’t been firing quite has hot as I’m used to, but where there’s a will, there’s a way and when the going gets hungry, the hungry get going. Read More

Mariscos de la Marinera

One of my fondest memories of swag (aka Stuff We All Get) from my job is the seafood salad I enjoyed during my lab’s 2009 Christmas party. Every year we go to the Faculty House dining room and my very generous Boss buys us all a wonderful (buffet-style) lunch. That year on the salad table they were serving an amazing ceviche-style seafood salad and my friend and I totally OD-ed on it that year. No regrets. Read More

Roasted Pepper, Tomato and Anchovy Pizza

It started out so well: despite being stuck in traffic as we edged out of New York on Thursday morning on the Bolt Bus, we arrived in Boston only an hour late, and we knocked out most of our shopping for Friday night’s dinner at the Trader Joe’s in Cambridge. The plan was to then go out for dinner that night and then meet up with some of our hosts’ friends at a speakeasy  (i.e. a lounge without a sign in which we had to wait 15 minutes to enter that’s become a thing in Boston). Everything was seemingly going to plan: dinner was great, the drinks were delicious–Drink is one of those places where you sip on drinks gingerly and slowly–and we went back to Somerville/Medford in good spirits. There may have been a little late-night snacking, but nothing too out of the ordinary.

Read More

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