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Deluxe Cobb Salad

Last week the Mrs. was outta town for work,  leaving me to my own devices. Said devices were less than thrilling, as E left me for the beginning of the work week only and save for some serendipitous short-notice primo sport seats, not much can go down without the wife in town on a Tuesday. Maybe it’s a lack of imagination on my part. Read More


Turkey Tacos with Red Cabbage Slaw, Sharp Cheddar Cheese and Cilantro

Another post in the cause of not wasting food, or perhaps a better phrasing is completely re-purposing surplus, here I added to another line of fine meals, the weeknight taco. Who doesn’t enjoy a taco now and again? For us, we prefer now to again. Read More

Braised Lamb Tacos with Shallots and Cheddar Cheese

“I want to braise a tongue and make tacos like the kind we had at La Esquina,” Michael said to me on a grey and slightly unseasonably cool Sunday.

My mind immediately goes back to the Friday a week prior and us leaning against an outdoor counter while wolfing down various tacos and remembering in particular how good the veal tongue ones were. “Sound fine to me. Do you have a recipe?”

“Lemme do a quick search. I’ll find something.” Alas, this idea was not to be. This time, anyway. Read More

Duck Tacos with Cheddar and Mojo Verde

New York is a city of lists: reservation lists, guest lists, top (number) under (age) lists, best of lists; you name it, there’s probably at least two lists out there related to it in some way. They call out the the extraordinary, laudable, special things in life, they reward the loyal, they create instant exclusivity.

We’re usually not too hung up on lists (save for getting reservations on a weekend night at Dinosaur Barbecue, because that is a process) but there is one that we’re particularly pleased to be on, because apparently it is not the easiest to get one’s address on:  the Fairway coupon mailing list. Read More

Chile-Smothered Chicken Thighs with Cheesy Brown Rice and Greek Yogurt

“Since I like cutting things up, I typically opt for whole chickens” -AB

I am partial to the whole bird, as we have seen many times here before.  Still, on weeknights there just isn’t enough time, so I opt for the big pack of chicken thighs.  Being a self-proclaimed growed-up man, I usually can pack a lot of these away, but I often get self-conscious about the repetitive preparations in front of the Mrs. (we all know that bachelors can eat the same thing almost every night as long as it tastes good). [Ed.–says the man married to the woman who could eat pasta every freaking day.]

Read More

Ramp Salsa

Feliz Cinco de Mayo a todo!  Perhaps the authenticity of the holiday is a bit suspect as our friends at dinnercraft hint at in a recent post, but really–who doesn’t like an excuse to make delicious Mexican food? Read More

Hibiscus Margaritas

My company follows the holiday schedule of the NYSE, which meant that I had Good Friday off for the first time since college.  Normally, a day off like this would mean that we’d be spending it in transit to visit our parents, but because Easter falls on a Sunday and therefore requires our presence at one of their houses that day for both church services and the traditional meal, our plans ranged from Saturday until Monday… Read More