Images from New York: The American Museum of Natural History edition.


Michael: Nobody takes the stairs!  That’s awesome!
T: Know what’s also awesome? Childhood obesity.

We weren’t expecting to have visitors this past weekend, but when T texted Michael the offer of coming down for an impromptu visit a few days earlier, we knew there was no way we could say no, and so I woke up early Saturday morning to clean the bathroom and get a quick workout in, and T and kalamazu came bounding in a little before 11 AM, ready for whatever adventures we could dream up.  We tossed out a few ideas, such as going to the Met, going to the park, or just walking around, but when I mentioned the American Museum of Natural History, kalamazu’s entire face lit up at the prospect, therefore determining what exactly we’d be doing that afternoon.

Going to science or science-related museums with T and Michael tends to yield hilarious results, because if a fact is outdated and/or wrong, they will be the first to point it out. Depending on the topic, they even become private docents: I could see people listen in as Michael waxed on about the various dinosaurs on the fourth floor.  They also like to bring the funny, as kalamazu and I enjoy witnessing firsthand; hanging with those two requires a rapier and a mind dirty enough to be the first to chime in with “that’s what she said.”  Yes, I realize those two statements contradict each other normally, but trust me when I say these boys are hysterical.

It was a lovely afternoon spent looking at fossils and watching a planetarium show on the origin of stars, and both Michael and I desperately needed a solid weekend of laughter, so despite another busy weekend, it was time well-spent.

Below are a handful of photos from the afternoon.  Dinner delights will be forthcoming soon.

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  1. Your blog is very entertaining, and I share your appreciation for your favourites.

    Having gone to school where the original destructive MP originated, I appreciate the reference in your blog’s name.



  2. k said:

    it was such a fantastic weekend! science museums with the scientists is very high on my favorites list.

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