Sunday night reflections or, bringing the !!! to The Manhattan [food] Project.

My friend D over at TheKitchWitch will every once in a while do a post where she shares certain things that are particularly delightful, accompanied by a little index card with three exclamation points drawn on them. And in this season of insanity, whether it’s baking crazy amount of cookies (something I don’t do), going to various functions and/or shopping for gifts and subsequently dealing with people, well, it’s good to take out some time and get giddy/excited about the little things that can otherwise be overlooked and mark them with those great three exclamation points.

First up: the arrival of Jamón, Jamón on Friday!

Jamón, Jamón Solamente en Español (y puedo comprenderlo)!!!

This is a movie that I’ve been dying to see for years (it marks Penelope Cruz’s first film as well as features a very young, very sexy and very handsome Javier Bardem), but could never find a region 1 or region-less version for sale. On a whim, I searched for it on eBay a few weeks ago and found the latter on sale from this shop in Argentina. I took a moment to consider it, posed the question to a few people, and decided to throw caution to the wind and order it. It came Friday evening, and I was all a-flutter all day in anticipating watching it this weekend.

One problem surfaced: there were no subtitles. NONE. Not even in Spanish. I had purchased a movie in a language that I’m OK at, but my listening comprehension skills are not at the level my reading skills are (though listening to podcasts and Barca games have helped). I knew the story enough to follow along, but I figured Michael would object to watching a movie that he couldn’t follow along by reading it. Our compromise was watching the first half or so on Saturday (understanding it quite well, if you ask me) and we’ll finish it by Christmas.

Next up: decorations!

Christmas Decorations!!!

We took our good long while in putting them up, but we’ve finally decorated our apartment. It’s about 80% candles of various shapes and sizes, but we also have a little ornament tree, a fancy mistletoe, a reindeer and moose pair and this stained-glassesque tree we got at Target a few years ago.

And finally, the last !!! moment comes courtesy of our lovely friend EatingforEngland!

Winning a Cookbook Giveaway!!!

I won us a cookbook courtesy of the lovely Angharad, and am now looking into this book because I’m currently torn between it and Gourmet’s cookbook as our prize. And you should totally check out her fabulous blog, because she’s a great writer and photographer and will do things that I won’t, namely bake sweet things.

What has made you want to go !!! lately?

  1. Angharad said:

    Aww. Thanks for the shout out! I’m so happy you won the giveaway, especially since it inspired “!!!”

    Let me know when you decide which book you want!

    On another note: Javier Bardem. Hot dang.

  2. norma said:

    I found you through Christina from BA to Paris and I am so excited to start following your blog. I live in Manhattan and looking for New York bloggers to be able to have foodie get togethers, or meetups, etc.

    Everyone I knwo are out of the New York area.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. !!! indeed! If you’d like, shoot me your address and I’ll mail you the official little !!! sticker. But yours looks just delightful. Anything Javier Bardem is !!! in my book, even if I can’t understand a word he says!

  4. Kim said:

    Three words: Vicky Christina Barcelona. Who cares if you can’t understand a word of Spanish Penelope is rattling?! Still love it!!

    I’m the kind of person that pulls at least “!!!” three times a day. So people who know me just kind of excuse that as “that’s just Kim being Kim.”

    My recent !!!+!! moment came when I made that chaterelle soup the other day. Seriously… erotica (can I say that here?) in a bowl. Period.


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